Antonio el Remendao (Sant Joan de Vilatorrada, 23rd February 1982).

He started in the music world in 1994 with Juan Ramón Caro as his flamenco guitar teacher, preceded by Pepe Haro, Manuel Carvajal, Rafael Cañizares and Manuel Granados. It was then, when he started to accompany his voice with the guitar and made his first debut on various stages throughout Catalonia through “La Casa de Andalucia de Manresa” with several song versions like Camarón de la Isla, Los Chichos, etc... and little by little with his own songs.

In 1997 the band “Remendaos” was formed with Antonio’s cousins, the brothers Joan and Sergio García. With him taking the role as singer, guitarist and composer, giving several concerts all around Spain and now and then in different foreign countries.

His first record with the band appeared with “Maqueta 2002” (CK Music 2002) but his first CD debut wasn’t produced until 2003 with “Carrera a la Luna” ( Divucsa 2003). Three years later, they presented “Los Mandamiento de Gallape” (Mass Records 2006) with the collaboration of “Delinqüentes” and Chico Ocaña. The following year Antonio worked with “Afromento” (a house band with DJ Fudge & Hedi Benromdan) and they released the disc “Te dire” (Purpple Music 2007).

The path of the artist then crossed with Chico Ocaña creator of the mythic band “Mártires del Compás”. This gave Antonio three years of complicity as a musician and composer. Together they produced the first CD with Chico Ocaña as a solo artist. “Canciones de mesa Camilla” (EMI Music 2010).

During the last years the artist continued composing new songs and decided to experiment in the music production world, taking the responsibility of recording and production for the 4th “Remendaos” disc “Reset” (CK Music 2011).

The film director Laura Casaponsa offered him the main role in the short movie “Piano piano”, winner of the “Fundación Elsa Peretti” contest in 2007.

Antonio participated in the Ovidi Montllor versions contest organized by the “Col.lectiu Desvalls” and “La Casa de Música de Manresa”, ending up as the winner with his version of “Serà un dia que durarà anys” 2010.

In 2011 came a proposal to work together with Pep Callau making a musical composition for “L’Himne de la Tamborinada” organized by “Fundació la Roda d’Espectacles de Barcelona”, where Antonio once again worked on the song production and recording work.

It was in 2012 when “Palillo C.F.” (Sant Joan’s football team where Antonio played in his youth) asked the artist to make a song for the team. Enthused by the proposal, he created “Palillo C.F. El Himno”, in which the whole team and management participated in the recording with Antonio once again producing and recording independently.

Months later a proposal to work as a music producer for the song “Convivim” arrived. A version of de original song “Suavecito” from the Remendaos “Los mandamientos de Gallape” album. The song that will be the music used for the lib- dab for coexistence, that will be played throughout the “Fiesta Mayor de Manresa”. It is an initiative that came from “Bages per Tothom” and “Creu Roja Manresa”, to foment values and the respect of human rights, with the artistic management by the actor Carles Gilabert.

In 2012 finalizes his previous project with the tour Remendaos 15th anniversary, and simultaneously presented and performed a new show called Rumbersions. In 2013 presents the show Gira Rumbera, working with new musicians whom taking part in the live concerts and in the recording of his next solo album.

Today, this new project has taken shape, during the past summer months Antonio has worked on the production and recording of new songs from the album to be released under the name RUMBAKATÀ in February 2014.

Rumbakatà, an elaborate repertoir of 14 songs for many identifying with everyday life, which shows a wide musical range that part of the rumba deploying to flamenco as Viviendo en el hoy or Quédate conmigo, some more salsa as Mueve el esqueleto (with La Pegatina collaboration) or La vida viene la vida va (with Celeste Alías collaboration), a peculiar rock Prefiero la noche and with his particular remendao style El pájaro cucú, Compás or Remiendos y Coplillas ( the latest with El Canijo de Jerez collaboration) ... all with a single thread that is the joy, the power and the good energy that characterize the artist.

Musical collaborations

M Ayvalà La Rue Vacilon
M Strombers Blu
M Brams Energía
M Francesc Riber “Titot” Güillem de Berguedà
M Sherpah Caravana B
M Marcel Caselles La Principal de la Nit
M Nuevo Sendero Entre amigos
M Maicena i agua Del tiron
M Dj Jay-J 69 in the night
M Escritoresin Lirika Maqueta Delao
M Afromento Te diré
M Ajuntament Manresa M’apunto a Manresa
M Sensemayá Entre el cel i la Terra Temps de Caló
High lighted performances
M Festival de la Musica Viva de Vic Vic
M Festichan Vigo
M Festes de l’Ascensión Santiago de Compostela
M Semana Grande de San Sebastian San Sebastian
M Festival Viñarock Albacete
M Festival ADE Amsterdam
M Sala Village Dublín
M Conciertos de Radio 3 Madrid
M Festival Explum Múrcia
M Festival Politella Córdoba
M Festival Entresures Málaga
M Palacio Vistalegre Madrid
M Festival de Chelyabinsk Rusia

Shared stages

Estopa, Muchachito Bombo Infierno, Delinqüentes, Kiko Veneno, Amparanoia, Camela, La Troba Kung-Fu, Ojos de Brujo, Melendi, Macaco, Mártires del Compás, La Caja de Pandora, José el Francés, El Puchero del Hortelano, Aslándticos, Góssos, Canteca de Macao, Chambao... and others..

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